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US MSM is falsely reporting that Biden is President-elect

Trump is president. I can't wait for the subpoenas and recounts. The fraudsters
don't understand what they did. People are going to jail for a long time for doing
these things. Their crooked deeds will be on display. Trump won this election.

As most people know, the outside view of things is often quite insightful. From the
outside, the PA election looks like a complete farce and a fraud. There are many
states in the same exact boat. We will now be treated to justice in action. It's
going to be a fun ride, very satisfying.

Don't be depressed. Wait. Trump will be our hero. Trump wins.

Michael L. Love
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How it all happened - Censorship coronavirus upshot - #maga #trump2020 #prolife #rossiya #2a #russia

After I was banned from Twitter in September 2019, I also became
concerned about essential supplies, because of the treatment I was
receiving at Baltimore drug stores. Essentially, they were treating
everyone as captives that don't have other alternatives. Problems with
the 'just in time' inventory management now seem contrived to keep
everyone in a state of scarcity.

I was feeling that my rights were not being respected, and that
my ability to subsist was also being threatened. Baltimore and
the state of Maryland, with their nanny-state tyranny also added
to this perception, and I decided to firm up my position.

My counter move was to make complete bugout preparations, and
to stock up on essential items. I took the Amtrak card and
comprehensively learned to travel by rail and bus, so that I
could bugout by those means, in case there was a problem with
my bicycle bugout plans. It was all about adding reliable
redundant measures to my preparation plans.

In keeping with the principles of readiness, I upgraded my
vital documents, my license, and I got my first passport. I
travelled to the northern border as if to test it out. It is
the idea of reliable, redundant, readiness, R3.

In the pursuit of R3 measures, I took winter as my queue, and
began to apply the principle of redundancy to every part of
my life as much as possible. Although the winter was not harsh
in 2019/2020, I made strong redundant preparations, as if I
were preparing for a hard winter.

I was trying harder to regain the vigor from my youth, from the
days that occured 30, 40, and 50 years prior. Regarding the
drugstores with suspicion gave me a big clue. I would remove
many chemicals from my way of living, the dandruff shampoo,
antibacterial soap, etc, whereever possible. I replaced them
with simpler offerings and coconut products.

This process of winter preparation continued until I heard about
coronavirus. As my feet were already on the ground and running
for months, I just contined apace, and I added dry storage
capabilities to my food storage and nutrition plans.

There is alot that I'm unwilling to write about this time. I'd
just say that I experienced big improvements in my life, and
finally discovered the way that longevity nutrition undermines
the vitamin K pathways. I added vitamin K to my supplement
program, kale powder and broccoli to my food stores, and
discovered how this simplified the analysis of anti-coagulation
in the longevity factors.

So many wonderful improvements have resulted from all of these
changes that I'm a little breathless, as it were, and excited
about any more novelties that may come in. So many improvements
have come into the longevity endeavor, and I feel rejuvinated
as never before, as if I'm reliving those days of my prime
from decades past. It's a big happy birthday present for me.

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Flickr update and some notes

Flickr has been updated with various photos, including some from the
Pittsburgh and Michigan trips.

Current prognostications are giving the Republicans big victories in 2020.
May I suggest that they make it a priority to take care of unfinished
business, platform items, etc. I'll give them top points, if they do that.
Be earnest. Finish what you started, the implied result.

Following on the impeachment, they have all the cards. Trump has all the
cards. Again we see that his long game is superb. Read the Constituion. It
is easy to skim for impeachment related items, and you will see that the
media and liberal talking heads continue with their lies. There are no
constraints on impeached presidents. The Senate has no obligation at all.

Being impeached by gun-grabbing baby killers is a terrific honor. Hats off
to Trump! I like what Trump did. We need more of that. I'd be delighted to
pin a medal on his chest.

Now, on cold adaptation, I'm fit to be tied! Get me to the open water
swimming hole! If you have been followiing the cold adapation notes, this
could really be the next step. If we can get enough cold adapters in the
water, maybe we can revise the recommendations and raise a cloud of steam.

Keep up the bicycling. Maintain cold adpatation training. I've been a
bicycle commuter for nearly 40 years. Winter provides no discouragement,
and it is safe to say that you will see me on the road tomorrow. Keep'em

I'll expresss my support for the Virginia and Illinois 2a sanctuaries. To
the gun grabbing tyrants, Kiss OFF! We will not comply! Pry it from my cold
dead fingers, if you think you can. I doubt.
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Hiking boots for winter bicycling

Lately, I've been trying out some different brands of hiking boots...
The shoreline rocks of Upper Michigan gave me additional incentive to get
real boots.
My old favorites are the Vasque boots for snow. These are so warm and
I love my Vasque boots, my old favorites, but the new ones have
I got some Merrell vent boots, tho less comfortable, the jumping utility is
The Merrell vent boots may be a little cooler, but when I had them on for
Feet warmed up very nicely. Not expressly for snow,I'll be wearing Merrells
I also tried some Salomon waterproof winter hiking boots. Salomon a top
IMHO, the Vasque boots edged out the Salomon for comfort, but...
If I'm going out for serious in deeper snow, I'll probably go with the
As a reminder, I recommend winter hiking boots for biking in deep cold
You might want to try these boots for biking in snow and sub-freezing
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More Baltimore biking suggestions.

Baltimore bicycle riders should have a look at the Halethorpe Marc stop...
There is easy access to the beautiful Patapsco State Park & their
challenging trails.
The stop is served by both Camden and Penn lines, which doubles your
The fare is reasonable. You can be back in Baltimore for 5 bucks. #biking
You can use these trains to bypass some of the troubled neighborhoods in
I'd suggest riding from Halethorpe MD to Reston VA. Catch the Metro there.
I'd suggest Frederick route. I'm looking forward to trying this in the
future #biking
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More upshot from Pittsburgh trip - #maga #trump2020

More light edits. If you want more editing, steal my ideas and do your own
edits. ;-)

Look for the photos in fb, or in a separate post. Here is an Amazon photo
album link. You can also find photos of the Vaxxed bus. I went to the
premier in Pittsburgh. There are also helpful transit photos. The metro
system in Pittsburg is marvellous!

Speaking of big rivers,seeing the Susquehanna from the train was just
In fact, the whole train ride across Pennsylvania was just beautiful. Do
this ride.

If you have a new cell phone it probably has a 5G antenna...
It is likely that there are cell phones with undocumented 5G antennas...
In other words, your cell phone could have a 5G antenna that you don't know
While in Pittsburgh I kept wondering if I was getting hit with 5G, and
Then I find out that Pittsburgh is 5G pilot city probably already with
Some believe that the 5G system is a directed energy weapon...
True or not, such things are certainly coming in the future. Get ready for
In honor of the occasion, I watched Winter Soldier. It is worth a review.
Strange itching, stinging, or burning sensations...
Headache, flushed skin, feelings of stress, fatigue and confusion...
Maybe hair loss, and sunburn-like symptoms.
Oh, insomnia and irritability of course. ;-)
In this scenario, some are 5G sensitive. If you are having these symptoms...
Try moving out of the city to get away from the strong signals. That can be
your test

Speaking of bugout, Pittsburgh was such an interesting study...
If you are worried about 5G, avoid the river paths, where you are a sitting
I had better luck with the west route on 60 and Stueben Pike....
As a bonus, work your legs on the excellent hills...
If I lived in Pittsburgh, I'd ride up Stueben on a weekly basis. Do this!
I know Stueben is hard. Keep working it until you can go all the way over.
Anyone running with location services on is nuts! Turn it off now. - bonus

Having ridden my bike and walked on many of these bridges I can attest to
the beauty.
The solid industrial age style of some of these bridges was so impressive.
These classic bridges, built before unnecessary legal processes & busybody
Gladhack legalists hampered the good hard work of so many good people,but
not in Pitt
The foot and bicycle lanes were added as an afterthought in some cases...
I was able to cross the city and do all my errands without a car, on foot
and bicycle
No sanctimony or nanny structures mar the view on Pittsburgh bridges. Just
fresh air.
I do have one suggestion tho. IMHO, the unprotected stairway on West End
I love this bridge so much & made repeated use of it. A landing area at the
of the ramp, with the stairway turned 90 degrees would be a big improvement
Just west from this bridge is Stueben Street....
If you are in Pittsburgh, go ride your bike on Stueben Street now!
Just be careful on the south side of the bridge. Take the ramp slowly. ;-)
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Upshot from Pittsburg trip - #maga #trump2020 #proli

The following is abit speculative, and will definitely be getting more
attention. In the rough, as is often the case. I just want to get helpful
info out to people as soon as possible. That's your caveat.

As a result of this trip, I'm working on a new theory of red meat
Red meat simulates trauma in the body, resulting in an endocrine and
defensive effect
Essentially,when you eat red meat, your body is like wondering if you've
been hurt...
If you are consuming alot of certain fruits&vegies, this defensive response
is bigger
The red meat you are consuming has suffered heavy trauma, and the response
is strong.
Maybe too strong. People who do extended workouts know that the effect is
You get a similar effect from heavy exerise, but not as strong as eating
red meat....
The effect is additive. If you combine red meat and heavy exercise, they
add together
I'd suggest following counsel; go easy on the red meat. We need to figure
this out.
Of course, there are other problems with red meat, such as the free
radicals from...
Over cooking meat, especially on an iron griddle, which adds another toxic
Cytotoxicity resulting from combining these practices may be difficult to
The combination effect still theory for me. Trust me, I'll be working on
this problem
If you undercook red meat, there is a parasite risk. This may be too hard
for anyone.
Think hard about this. My advice is to eat healthy and avoid risk.
Recovery compression is also a factor. There seems to be an inate analgesic
Again, if you add red meat, the analgesic effect may be too strong...
This compression analgesia angle is still very new. More study is definely
Again, the combination may be too dangerous...
We are talking about free radicals and deranged iron homeostasis...
The damage may be sticky and difficult to recover. I'm really going to
study more ;-)