proclus_darwin (proclus_darwin) wrote,

Cold adaptation update - #maga #trump2020 #prolife #

Tiring of the 90 degree Baltimore temperatures in October, I went up north
in order to try and kick start the cold adaptation. Getting off the bus in
Michigan into 40 F temperatures was quite exhilerating. I might give somre
reports about the trip later.

If you've been following my reports, then you know that the adaptation is
deepening, and this season is no exception. Finally, weeks after equinox,
the temperatures are settling into the the 40s and 50s F in Baltimore, and
the percieved adaptation heat is stronger than it has ever been. In other
words, the experiment is working, and the trip to Michigan apparently
worked. Be sure and read deeper into the blog, if you are interested in
what I'm doing and why.

2019-10-18 09-52-10.JPG


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