proclus_darwin (proclus_darwin) wrote,

Upshot from Pittsburg trip - #maga #trump2020 #proli

The following is abit speculative, and will definitely be getting more
attention. In the rough, as is often the case. I just want to get helpful
info out to people as soon as possible. That's your caveat.

As a result of this trip, I'm working on a new theory of red meat
Red meat simulates trauma in the body, resulting in an endocrine and
defensive effect
Essentially,when you eat red meat, your body is like wondering if you've
been hurt...
If you are consuming alot of certain fruits&vegies, this defensive response
is bigger
The red meat you are consuming has suffered heavy trauma, and the response
is strong.
Maybe too strong. People who do extended workouts know that the effect is
You get a similar effect from heavy exerise, but not as strong as eating
red meat....
The effect is additive. If you combine red meat and heavy exercise, they
add together
I'd suggest following counsel; go easy on the red meat. We need to figure
this out.
Of course, there are other problems with red meat, such as the free
radicals from...
Over cooking meat, especially on an iron griddle, which adds another toxic
Cytotoxicity resulting from combining these practices may be difficult to
The combination effect still theory for me. Trust me, I'll be working on
this problem
If you undercook red meat, there is a parasite risk. This may be too hard
for anyone.
Think hard about this. My advice is to eat healthy and avoid risk.
Recovery compression is also a factor. There seems to be an inate analgesic
Again, if you add red meat, the analgesic effect may be too strong...
This compression analgesia angle is still very new. More study is definely
Again, the combination may be too dangerous...
We are talking about free radicals and deranged iron homeostasis...
The damage may be sticky and difficult to recover. I'm really going to
study more ;-)

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