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More upshot from Pittsburgh trip - #maga #trump2020

More light edits. If you want more editing, steal my ideas and do your own
edits. ;-)

Look for the photos in fb, or in a separate post. Here is an Amazon photo
album link. You can also find photos of the Vaxxed bus. I went to the
premier in Pittsburgh. There are also helpful transit photos. The metro
system in Pittsburg is marvellous!

Speaking of big rivers,seeing the Susquehanna from the train was just
In fact, the whole train ride across Pennsylvania was just beautiful. Do
this ride.

If you have a new cell phone it probably has a 5G antenna...
It is likely that there are cell phones with undocumented 5G antennas...
In other words, your cell phone could have a 5G antenna that you don't know
While in Pittsburgh I kept wondering if I was getting hit with 5G, and
Then I find out that Pittsburgh is 5G pilot city probably already with
Some believe that the 5G system is a directed energy weapon...
True or not, such things are certainly coming in the future. Get ready for
In honor of the occasion, I watched Winter Soldier. It is worth a review.
Strange itching, stinging, or burning sensations...
Headache, flushed skin, feelings of stress, fatigue and confusion...
Maybe hair loss, and sunburn-like symptoms.
Oh, insomnia and irritability of course. ;-)
In this scenario, some are 5G sensitive. If you are having these symptoms...
Try moving out of the city to get away from the strong signals. That can be
your test

Speaking of bugout, Pittsburgh was such an interesting study...
If you are worried about 5G, avoid the river paths, where you are a sitting
I had better luck with the west route on 60 and Stueben Pike....
As a bonus, work your legs on the excellent hills...
If I lived in Pittsburgh, I'd ride up Stueben on a weekly basis. Do this!
I know Stueben is hard. Keep working it until you can go all the way over.
Anyone running with location services on is nuts! Turn it off now. - bonus

Having ridden my bike and walked on many of these bridges I can attest to
the beauty.
The solid industrial age style of some of these bridges was so impressive.
These classic bridges, built before unnecessary legal processes & busybody
Gladhack legalists hampered the good hard work of so many good people,but
not in Pitt
The foot and bicycle lanes were added as an afterthought in some cases...
I was able to cross the city and do all my errands without a car, on foot
and bicycle
No sanctimony or nanny structures mar the view on Pittsburgh bridges. Just
fresh air.
I do have one suggestion tho. IMHO, the unprotected stairway on West End
I love this bridge so much & made repeated use of it. A landing area at the
of the ramp, with the stairway turned 90 degrees would be a big improvement
Just west from this bridge is Stueben Street....
If you are in Pittsburgh, go ride your bike on Stueben Street now!
Just be careful on the south side of the bridge. Take the ramp slowly. ;-)

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