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How it all happened - Censorship coronavirus upshot - #maga #trump2020 #prolife #rossiya #2a #russia

After I was banned from Twitter in September 2019, I also became
concerned about essential supplies, because of the treatment I was
receiving at Baltimore drug stores. Essentially, they were treating
everyone as captives that don't have other alternatives. Problems with
the 'just in time' inventory management now seem contrived to keep
everyone in a state of scarcity.

I was feeling that my rights were not being respected, and that
my ability to subsist was also being threatened. Baltimore and
the state of Maryland, with their nanny-state tyranny also added
to this perception, and I decided to firm up my position.

My counter move was to make complete bugout preparations, and
to stock up on essential items. I took the Amtrak card and
comprehensively learned to travel by rail and bus, so that I
could bugout by those means, in case there was a problem with
my bicycle bugout plans. It was all about adding reliable
redundant measures to my preparation plans.

In keeping with the principles of readiness, I upgraded my
vital documents, my license, and I got my first passport. I
travelled to the northern border as if to test it out. It is
the idea of reliable, redundant, readiness, R3.

In the pursuit of R3 measures, I took winter as my queue, and
began to apply the principle of redundancy to every part of
my life as much as possible. Although the winter was not harsh
in 2019/2020, I made strong redundant preparations, as if I
were preparing for a hard winter.

I was trying harder to regain the vigor from my youth, from the
days that occured 30, 40, and 50 years prior. Regarding the
drugstores with suspicion gave me a big clue. I would remove
many chemicals from my way of living, the dandruff shampoo,
antibacterial soap, etc, whereever possible. I replaced them
with simpler offerings and coconut products.

This process of winter preparation continued until I heard about
coronavirus. As my feet were already on the ground and running
for months, I just contined apace, and I added dry storage
capabilities to my food storage and nutrition plans.

There is alot that I'm unwilling to write about this time. I'd
just say that I experienced big improvements in my life, and
finally discovered the way that longevity nutrition undermines
the vitamin K pathways. I added vitamin K to my supplement
program, kale powder and broccoli to my food stores, and
discovered how this simplified the analysis of anti-coagulation
in the longevity factors.

So many wonderful improvements have resulted from all of these
changes that I'm a little breathless, as it were, and excited
about any more novelties that may come in. So many improvements
have come into the longevity endeavor, and I feel rejuvinated
as never before, as if I'm reliving those days of my prime
from decades past. It's a big happy birthday present for me.


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